Tapered Lashes

Tapered Lashes

Tapered Tip eyelashes are suitable for daily use. Compared with regular knitting eyelashes, the tip of this eyelashes is specially treated to be thinned. It is closer to the natural eyelash.
Quick Details:
Series: Tapered Lashes(S2 Series)
Material: 0.10MM Korean premium quality silk fiber, Tapered Tip.
Style: Natural Effect
Band: Black cotton Band/ Clear Band
Capacity: 1,000,000 per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:


Tapered Tip eyelashes have been very popular in the past two years, especially in the Japanese market.

Why does it popular in the Japanese market?

1. The Make-up Culture. In Japan, makeup is very common among men, women, and children. It is becoming a Japanese men's pursuit of beauty to use cosmetics. It is fashion. Another phenomenon is the trend of light make-up started by female high school students. These young girls love to dress up very much. In order not to let their teachers see their makeup, they take great pains to study light make-up. Radiance Beauty regular knitting eyelashes, as well as tapered tip eyelashes, could officially help them with a natural invisible makeup.

2. Market positioning. There are many shops that goods are only 100 yen in Japan. You can often see the housewife, middle-aged and foreigners who are pushing the shopping cart there. It can be said that the 100 yen store, whether in the retail industry in Japan or in people's lives, has become an indispensable existence in Japan. There are hundreds of exquisite products for 100 yen (Excluding consumption tax). It is sold at an average price, and the price is low and the quality is passed, so that consumers can solve daily needs with little cost. The regular hand knitting lashes and tapered tip eyelashes are in low price, which is very suitable for the positioning of the Japanese 100 yen shop.

Tapered Tip Eyelashes are in a great demand in Japan. In recent years, tapered tip false eyelashes have also become popular in the United States. The tapered tip eyelashes are increasingly favored by people who like light make-up because of their more natural appearance.

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