Regular Lashes

Regular Lashes

Regular false eyelashes are for daily use, 100% hand-knitted and have a natural look.
Quick Details:
Series: Regular Lashes(S1 Series)
Material: 0.10MM Korean premium quality silk fiber
Style: Natural Effect
Band: Black cotton Band/ Clear Band
Capacity: 1,000,000 per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:



The regular eyelashes are natural cotton band eyelashes and transparent nylon band eyelashes. Suitable for going to work, going to school, dating, and shopping. This series regular lashes are pure handmade, as natural as real eyelashes. The exquisite workmanship and reusable.

The Advantage of Radiance Beauty Regular Knitting Eyelash:

1. Naturally soft and comfortable. Made of high quality Korean imported synthetic fiber. The material is soft and the color of this kind of fiber is very natural. The stem is soft and comfortable.

2. Realistic. Made of 0.10mm synthetic fiber. It is close to the thickness of natural eyelashes, making the false eyelashes look like natural eyelashes.

3. Naturally long. Handmade to make the eyelashes more natural. More in line with the curvature of people’s eye.


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