3D Silk Lashes

3D Silk Lashes

Radiance Beauty 3D Silk Lashes are chosen the best quality Korean silk fiber. The softest and messy lashes in the market.
Quick Details:
Series: 3D Silk Lashes
Material: Korean premium quality silk fiber
Style: 3D Effect
Band: Black cotton Band
Capacity: 600,000 per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:


3D lash is multi-layered eyelash. It is richer with layers than regular knitting lashes. Most of the 3D lashes in the market are made of synthetic fiber with a thickness of 0.10mm. The 0.10mm synthetic fiber is easy to shape. There is a 3D effect of the lash which makes the layered lash for a gorgeous look on the eye.  


3D Lashes VS Regular Lashes


3D silk eyelashes are the most popular eyelash styles in the past two years, especially in Europe and South America. These 3D lashes are shipped around 250,000 pcs to South America and 150,000 pcs to Europe every month.


European and American care more about animal protection. 3D lashes are made from chemical fiber. No animal fur. And 3D silk lashes are very natural and soft.


Due to the low cost, reusable, lightweight and perfected effect, 3D silk eyelashes have a good market prospect. For 3D lashes, there are over 100 styles of 3D lashes for your options.

The most popular boxes for 3D silk lashes


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