One Magnetic Lashes

One Magnetic Lashes

One magnetic false eyelashes, as the name shows, have only one piece of magnet on each eyelash. It is the earliest product of magnetic eyelashes.
Quick Details:
Series: One Magnetic Lashes
Material: synthetic fiber & magnet
Style: New magnetic styles
Band: Black Cotton Band & Magnetic
Capacity: 100,000 per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:

The single magnetic false eyelashes contain only one piece of magnet, and the eyelashes are half eyelashes. Suitable for wearing on the end of the eye to increase the dramatic effect of the eyelashes.

How to wear single magnetic false eyelashes?

1. The magnet eyelashes are divided into upper and lower ones, notice the difference, please.

2. Clamp the position of the magnet with tweezers, gently remove the upper part of the eyelashes and fix it on top of the natural eyelashes.

3. Remove the lower half of the eyelashes from bottom to top and close to the upper eyelashes. Just like to make a sandwich and put the natural eyelashes in the middle.

It only takes three steps. So easy!

The magnet eyelashes do not need to use any glue. But it isn’t as comfortable as regular eyelashes. Although the magnet is light, it is also a burden for natural eyelashes.

Radiance Beauty doesn’t recommend you to use magnetic eyelashes to replace regular lashes. But if you are really interested in it, we can supply you for a free sample.

For more details, please contact our overseas sales department.

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