Siberian Fur Lashes

Siberian Fur Lashes

Radiance Beauty Siberian Real Mink Fur Eyelashes are made of 100% natural mink fur.
More than 40 designs of F series Mink lashes could be chosen.
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Series: Real Mink Lashes F Series
Material: Fur, 100% Siberian Real Mink Fur
Style: Fluffy, 3D Effect
Band: Soft and Black Cotton Band
Capacity: 200,000 per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:



Radiance Beauty F Series Real Mink Fur Eyelashes are all made of 100% Siberian real mink furs. And the F series mink lashes, the softest hair are selected from the abdomen of the Siberian minks.


Siberian minks VS China minks

Why should choose Siberian minks?

1. PRECIOUS. Siberian mink is a precious and rare fur beast. Their fur is one of the traditional material for the Chinese to produce and export. The Real Siberian Mink are mainly distributed in the northeastern part of Asia and the Siberian region of Russia. Due to the extremely low temperature of the living area, its survival rate is low. So those Siberian mink who could survive have a very strong ability of cold tolerance, and its plush is very rich.

2. NATURAL. The hair of the Siberian Mink is about 0.07mm-0.10mm thick, and its coat color is black slightly dark brown, which is close to the real eyelashes of human beings. Easy to shape, so our high-quality mink eyelashes are all made of Siberian Mink Fur. Which has been enjoyed great popularity among consumers since its launch.

Why can’t choose China minks?

There are also some areas in central China that are suitable for the growth of Mink, but the quality of these mink furs are worse than those of Siberian Mink Fur. The brightness of Chinese mink fur is not as natural as that of Siberian mink fur. And the hair is not easy to shape. This is the reason that why the false eyelashes made from Chinese mink hair are poor styling effect, no real color, not as smooth as Siberian mink.

Hot sale styles of F series Real Mink Fur Eyelashes


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