Natural Mink Lashes

Natural Mink Lashes

Radiance Beauty Natural Mink Lashes are the latest styles of mink lashes. It keeps the essence of mink hairs and combines the wispy feeling of silk eyelashes.
Quick Details:
Series: Real Mink Lashes
Material: 100% Real Mink Fur
Style: Natural, 3D Effect, Daily Use
Band: Black Cotton Band
Capacity: 200,000 per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:



Radiance Beauty Natural Mink Lashes are all made of 100% real mink furs. The finest part of the tip is selected. And the Natural Mink Lashes are all the NEW design.

The advantages of Natural Mink Lashes

The impression of mink hair lashes is heavy and thick. But some customers prefer natural styles with mink fur. So our R&D team, through more than half a year of repeated design, testing, proofing, finally developed the natural styles of mink lashes.

1. FINEST PART OF THE MATERIAL. Natural mink false eyelashes are still made of the highest quality Siberian mink, but the finest part of the tip is selected.

2. Wispy Feeling. Reducing 20% hair, which made them look thin and natural. Make sure that it is as thin as possible without leaving the hair falling off.

3. BEST QUALITY. Natural Mink Lashes are made of the premium quality Siberian mink furs. And they are made by the skillful workers with more than 10 years’ experience. The shape and curl are more stable than other lashes. The lashes are checked one by one to make sure they are qualified before packing into boxes.


Since its launch, this series of mink lashes have been loved by customers, especially in the European market.


Fluffy Mink Lashes VS Natural Mink Lashes

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