Horse Eyelashes

Horse Eyelashes

Radiance Beauty Horse Lashes are chosen from the best quality horse hair. The softest and messy lashes in the market.
Quick Details:
Series: Horse Lashes
Material: Horsehair
Style: Messy Effect, Soft feeling
Band: Clear/Invisible Band
Capacity: 200,000 per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:


Radiance Beauty Horse Lashes are all made of premium quality horse hair. The hairs are from fibers on the neck and tail of the horse.

The advantage of our horse hair lashes:

1. Premium quality material. High-quality horse hair eyelashes are made from fibers on the neck and tail of the horse. Horse hairs on the neck and tail are long, strong pulling force, wear resistance and moisture resistance, and not easy to be broken. These horse hairs are usually used to make the makeup brushes

2. Cruelty-Free. The season of cutting horse hair is generally from March to April every year. Our workers collected horse hairs in these time every year.

3. Soft. The lashes made from horse hairs are very soft. It is the softest eyelashes of all eyelashes. Like the hair of a newborn baby.

However, as it is too soft, so it looks messy. It doesn’t look as neat as synthetic fiber eyelashes. And it doesn’t have the perfect 3D effect as mink eyelashes. Even though, some customers love horse hair lashes just because of its softness.

If you like the softest lashes, horse hair lashes is a good choice.

More than 30 designs for custom boxes



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