Clear Band Mink Lashes

Clear Band Mink Lashes

Radiance Beauty Clear Band Mink Lashes are made of real mink fur. The band of these series mink lashes is the invisible band.
Quick Details:
Series: Real Mink Lashes I Series
Material: Fur
Style: Natural Effect, Daily Use
Band: Clear/Invisible Band
Capacity: 200,000 per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:



Radiance Beauty Clear Band Mink Eyelashes are all made of 100% real mink furs. The clear band is made of nylon thread with glue.


There are usually two kinds of the band for the false eyelashes, especially the real mink lashes. One is the black cotton band and the other is the clear band.

Is it better to have a black cotton band lash or a clear band lash? 

Is there a huge difference between them?


Clear band lashes VS Black cotton band lashes

BLACK COTTON BAND is made of the highest quality cotton thread, which is soft, avoiding allergic, and stimulated to the skin. And they are suitable for dark eyeshadow and a heavy makeup. It looks very charming and dramatic.

CLEAR BAND is made of nylon thread with glue, smooth surface, and invisible band. Suitable for some makeup novices, because you need to practice many times before using black cotton band lashes. If you do not care, the black cotton will be looked ugly. So we usually recommend it to novices, but many experienced wearers also like our clear band false eyelashes.

Therefore, no matter black cotton band eyelashes or clear band eyelashes, they have their own advantages. You could try both of them and find the most suitable false eyelashes for yourself.


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