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What Kind Of Material Is Used For Grafting Eyelashes?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Nowadays, the false eyelashes that are popular in the eyelash grafting market are generally imported from Korea and Japan, but most of these false eyelash products have no production approval number, product composition, and manufacturer's telephone address except for the name. These products are actually produced by small enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangzhou. They are mainly processed directly from pig hair, dog hair and rabbit hair, and some products are made of chemicals.

Whether it is animal hair or chemical fiber, the unsterilized hands and tools will cause secondary pollution during processing, especially when planting eyelashes, which may cause skin and eye irritation and induce eye inflammation. Redness and other symptoms. Secondly, the safety of the glue used to stick the eyelashes is also important. It is understood that the eyelashes should use cosmetic glue, but some informal beauty salons use glue or even 502 glue of unknown origin. These glues will have some irritation to the eyes and cannot be used for a long time.

Therefore, artificial eyelashes that are not known for sale on the market should not be used indiscriminately. These things made of animal hair and chemical fiber items are extremely harmful to the eyes, and consumers should be extra cautious when choosing products and services. First, we must look at the quality of the products. Products used in the eyes must choose qualified products. Second, we must look at the technology. Because of the operation in the eye, the beautician's technology must be excellent, the operation should be standardized, so as not to hurt the eyes. The third is to choose A beauty institution with good reputation and good health, otherwise the consequences will be serious.

The clinical eyelash implantation in medical beauty is a very fine and time-consuming but once-and-for-all way of beauty eyelashes. During surgery, an experienced professional doctor is required to take the surgeon's own hair, and then divide the removed hair into a number of tiny units with healthy hair follicles, and use professional instruments to implant the split hair into the eyelids. The original thick eyelashes are thicker and thicker. The whole process of hair implant surgery is carried out under the strict aseptic operation of a regular hospital. Generally, infection will not occur, and the doctor will also take some anti-infective treatment for the disease. After the subject has implanted eyelashes, follow-up should be noted within 3-9 months.

Generally, most hairs grow well, the survival rate is 95%, and they do not fall off for life, and the eyelashes are thick and natural. Just because these eyelashes are taken from their own hair, they also retain the characteristics of the original hair after planting, and will grow like hair. The growth speed and direction will be different from the original eyelashes, so the surgeon needs to be based on his own after surgery. Regular trimming and hot stamping are required. In addition, eyelash transplant surgery is relatively expensive compared to eyelash grafting.