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Will eyelash planting hurt your eyes?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

The donor of the eyelash implant surgery is a hair follicle tissue with similar eyelash characteristics in the posterior occipital position of the beauty seeker. After the planting, there is a rejection phenomenon that affects our health.

According to plastic surgeons, the effect of eyelash transplant is effective for life, and the effect of regular trimming is better. Many women who are eager to improve their image through eyelash implant surgery will ask such questions. Eyelash transplant is close to the eye after all. Planting eyelashes will hurt the eyes. ? Liaoning Oriental hair transplant experts tell you that women who love beauty, eyelash transplant technology will not cause eye damage. When surgery, experts will cover the eyes with eye protection mirror, which is very safe without any side effects. The eyelashes after planting are as natural as they are, and they are effective for life. Amateurs don't have to worry about the problem of eyelash planting hurting the eyes.