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Maintenance and daily care after grafting eyelashes
- Sep 19, 2018 -

1. After grafting the eyelashes. Do not touch the water within 24 hours, do not steam face, steam sauna within 24 hours, so as to avoid the hot air will smear the fiber mascara, do not use oily cleansing oil, skin care products, etc. encounter false eyelashes

2. Do not use the eyelash curler after grafting the eyelashes to prevent the eyelashes from being pressed off. We can apply our professional graft mascara two weeks after the operation. Fully fill the gaps that are easy to fall off the eyelashes. Easy to clean.

3, wash your face in a direction to clean the eyes, not false eyelashes, chemical fiber, wool fabric to wipe the eyelashes, so as not to fall off.

4. If the root of the false eyelashes is lifted up, do not pull it hard by hand, otherwise it will cause the natural eyelashes to fall off. It is recommended to drop 1/3 of the number of inoculated seeds and promptly go to the store for repair to achieve a perfect state. If you want to remove the eyelashes, you need to be removed by a professional technician. Since the eyelashes of Aileshi are one-to-one grafting one by one, the false eyelashes are also single when they fall. In the non-human situation, the whole piece will not fall, and the scattered ones are more natural.

5, the application of professional eyelash comb to comb your eyelashes, because it is a well-rooted graft, you can comb from the root to a little. Avoid using a matte plastic comb to avoid scratching the inoculated eyelashes. Available in professional eyelash comb shop

6. False eyelashes will not drop your eyelashes when dropped alone. The normal metabolism of your own eyelashes is about 20 days. The eyelashes are aging and aging every day. 1-3 roots are metabolized every day. When metabolism, false eyelashes will fall with your falling eyelashes, but it will not affect you. Eyelash

7, due to different sleep and washing habits, false eyelashes have 1-5 drops per day is normal, do not worry.

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