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How Should False Eyelash Choose?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

False eyelashes are divided into European and American lines and Japanese lines, which are characterized by concentration and are suitable for girls with prominent eyes or who want to create stage effect. Japanese is produced by Taiwan area actually in the majority, the effect is more natural, suit Oriental eye shape, for example CAI yilin favorite princess 7 x false eyelash. In terms of price, expensive price and cheap price are not the only difference in quality. If you are a collector, your eyelashes are worth investing in. If you want to buy art eyelashes, you must buy the brand.

How to choose Tips for false eyelashes:

Recommend whole pair of false eyelash, the effect is outstanding, and the false eyelash of a cluster had better match whole pair of eyelash to use, make double eye more distinct. The roots are thick and black, which makes the eyes more present. Transparent root, so even if lazy do not draw eyeliner, will not feel obtrusive. But the good use degree of whole false eyelash, with root connection the most close, must soft, besides the name brand that has quality safeguard, the only way that wants to get "muji good product" is to try many different product, look for only really put on, ability feels effect.