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Daily Maintenance Of False Eyelashes
- Sep 19, 2018 -

A lot of people are in stick false eyelash when, tear down come hind throw away the false eyelash that sticks to go up in the eye ministry originally, actually false eyelash is ok to use repeatedly through oneself nurse, how does false eyelash maintain? The following is the maintenance method of false eyelashes.

False eyelashes maintenance method 1

Although the false eyelashes are fine and delicate, they are also extremely fragile. Therefore, when using grafting, you should not firmly pinch the edge of the false eyelashes, but follow the direction of the false eyelashes and gently remove them from the box.

False eyelashes maintenance method 2

When taking out false eyelash, want to hold the positive center of false eyelash to pull immediately come out, in pull out false eyelash when action must be flat, cannot pull two 3 false eyelash to go next clench.

False eyelashes maintenance method 3

After using, false eyelash must be cleaned thoroughly before can put into false eyelash box, that is, the glue on false eyelash must be cleaned thoroughly after using false eyelash namely, attention, eye shadow pink, eyelash creams, eyelash line cannot remain on false eyelash, can break false eyelash otherwise.