Plastic Eyelash Box

Plastic Eyelash Box

The Radiance Beauty Extension Eyelash Box is always with the highest quality eyelash box, which is both beautiful and ensures no damage during transportation.
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Brand: OEM & Radiance Beauty
Material: Plastic
Sample: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:

Radiance Beauty Extension Eyelash Box - Starry Series





Suitable for 12 rows, 14 rows, 16 rows.

Recommended reason:

The night sky, full of dreamy stars, is eager to swim in the galaxy of the shining stars, and perhaps hope to get such a beautiful shining star. Such romantic scenes have always been the source of inspiration for people. In 2018, Radiance Beauty applied the starry elements to the extension eyelash box. Adding a mysterious color to the monotonous eyelash box.

In addition, Radiance Beauty also offers you a lot of choices. Every year, the new packaging is launched for customers with better products and services.

Radiance beauty plastic extension eyelash box display.

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