Glitter Eyelashes Box

Glitter Eyelashes Box

The glitter lash box is made of glitter paper. It shines in the sun or under the light. The glitter eyelash boxes are a symbol of high-end eyelashes. Even though the cost of these boxes is a little higher. You can get a higher return with a little investment. It is worthy.
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Brand: OEM & Radiance Beauty
Color: Black/Golden/Red/Green/Blue/Silver…
Sample: Available before bulk order

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The glitter eyelash box is made of glitter paper.

Do you know what the glitter paper is?

Let me talk about the components of glittering glitter paper first. Glitter paper is made up of the substrate with glitter powder. The substrate may be paper, or maybe a PET, PVC, TPU, non-woven fabric, felt, leather, etc.

Then go to the glitter powder (the glitter powder is also different, coarse or fine). These can be customized according to your request.

There are many uses for glitter powder:

1. The jewelry box is usually used, such as a watch, necklace etc. It can also be used in high-end gift boxes;

2. Mobile phone. Bling's cover of the mobile phone is made of glitter and glitter paper.

3. Shiny shoes, bags, clothes;

4. Christmas tree and decorations, etc.


Glitter powder is used in so many places, so it is very popular. Would you like to bring the pop elements to your eyelash box?

Try the high-end glitter paper eyelash box. This kind of box will make you more attractive and get higher profits. Don't hesitate, look at it, everyone is using the high-quality glittering customized box that made by Radiance Beauty.

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