Eyelash Box Round

Eyelash Box Round

It looks more beautiful and cute to pack eyelashes in round lash box. The round box is more like a small jewelry box, easy to carry.
Quick Details:
Brand: OEM & Radiance Beauty
Color: round lash box
Sample: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:

There are 3 options for Radiance Beauty's round eyelash box:

1. Round diamond eyelash box:


The round diamond box was originally used to hold the magnetic eyelashes. It is also used in strip eyelash packaging now. Round diamond box, beautiful workmanship, look like a diamond.

Under the light, it looks shiny. When the light hits the diamond box, part of the light will be reflected off the surface of the diamond box, producing externally reflected light; the rest of the light enters the inside of the diamond box and is reflected on the various sides cut on the diamond box. So the diamond box you saw will sparkle.

The advantage of Radiance Beauty Round diamond eyelash box

1. Colorful choice. Multiple choices for colorful cards.

2. New Boxes, new choice. There are too many rectangle eyelash boxes on the market. Try the new boxes to be different from others.

3. Hang up on the shelf. Radiance Beauty has customized a transparent folding box with a hanging hole for this diamond box, which overcomes the difficulty of the round box couldn’t be able to hang up on the shelf.

4. Safer protection on the delivery way. It also provides more protection during transportation. In order to prevent diamond eyelashes boxes being damaged on the way.

2. Round Black Box:


The round black box can be customized with Private Label. The price is very affordable.

3. Round Paper Box:


The round paper box can be customized with different colors.


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