Korean Eyelash Extension Glue

Korean Eyelash Extension Glue

This extension adhesive is imported from Korea, high quality!
Quick Details:
Brand: OEM & Radiance Beauty
Color: Black
Drying Speed: Around 1-3 Seconds
Bonding Lasting Time: Around 5 Weeks
Viscosity: Super
Irritation: Low

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Product Details

Products Details:




Radiance Beauty Korea high-quality glue for extension lashes, 3 seconds quick-drying, suitable for beauty salons and professionals to graft eyelashes. Last about 35-45 days after grafting.

Recommended Reason:

1. Radiance Beauty extension adhesive is a professional extension glue used by beauty salons. It is quick-drying, low-stimulation, strong in viscosity. It is an easy-to-use extension glue.

2. After the grafting glue is opened, shelf life will be shorter. Radiance Beauty small package (5ml) extension adhesive makes you solve the problem of wasting that due to the deterioration of glue.


The price of extension glue is relatively high, so how can we make extension glue last longer?

Question 1: How can I prevent the black glue becoming white? What should I pay attention to if I want our clients’ extension lashes last more than 40 days after grafting?

Answer: Firstly, you should surely avoid grafting in a humid environment. Secondly, the natural eyelashes must be cleaned and dried before grafting. Finally, pay attention to the position of the grafted eyelashes, 0.5mm near the root of the natural eyelashes.

Question 2: How should the glue be stored to prevent it’s going bad early?

Answer: The glue that you bought back can be placed in the refrigerator to extend the expiration date before opening the cap. After using, you must check that the cap is properly tightened.

Question 3: What is the shelf life of glue

Answer: Before open: 4~6 Months (the condition of keeping in the refrigerator)

After Open: 3~4 weeks

Any more question, please feel free to contact our overseas sales department.


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