Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Mega Volume is generally starting from 9D and up to 16D, which is a more advanced technology than Russian Volume.
Quick Details:
Series: Mega Volume
Material: Korean premium quality silk fiber
Style: Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions
Capacity: 200,000 trays per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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What is Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions?

From 2014, Mega Volume gradually appeared in people's sight. Many people have a question, Mega Volume and Russian Volume are all Volume Lashes, what are the difference between them?

Russian Volume VS Mega Volume:

Russian Volume uses 0.07mm, 0.10mm thickness silk fiber for eyelashes.

Mega Volume uses 0.03mm and 0.05mm thickness silk fiber for eyelashes, especially with 0.05mm. Mega Volume is generally starting from 9D and up to 16D, which is a more advanced technology than Russian Volume.

The DIFFICULTY for producing Mega Volume Lashes:

As we all know, the thinner the more difficult to apply. If the lashes are too thin, it will be hard to grasp with tweezers and not easy to handle. Moreover, since the silk fiber which makes the eyelashes are too thin, shaping is difficult and hard to keep the curl. This is the difficulty to apply 0.03mm, 0.05m false eyelashes to innovative grafting technology!

Radiance Beauty is committed to providing you with the highest quality false eyelashes, minimizing the difficulty of using 0.03mm, 0.05mm false eyelashes for extensions eyelashes.

1. To overcome the technical difficulties, the shaping method is changed from using the traditional glass tube to the aluminum tube, and the shaping effect is more stable.

2. Use the highest quality PBT fiber imported from South Korea, easier to shape and the color is more natural.

3. High-temperature treatment, it makes the shaping more durable. By the way, it sterilized at the same time, reducing the damage of extensions eyelashes to the eyes.

If you already familiar with Russian Volume, try Mega Volume, please. Although it is difficult to try at first, it can create an unexpected appearance.

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