Real Mink Eyelashes Extensions

Real Mink Eyelashes Extensions

The Real mink extension eyelashes are made from 100% pure real mink hair.
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Series: Real Mink Eyelashes Extensions
Material: 100% Real Mink Fur
Style: Natural
Capacity: 50,000 trays per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:


This is the 100% Real Mink Extension lashes. Since it is made from real mink hair, the thickness is about 0.1-0.12mm. The thickness cannot be adjusted manually. Therefore, the mink extension lashes on the market that show the thickness are not made of real mink hair.

True and false mink hair burning test.

Burn it with fire and know the truth!!!


The real mink eyelashes are not easy to ignite, and there is a very obvious smell of real hair burnt after burning.

The fake mink is very flammable. Because it is made of chemical materials, it is like plastic, and it is accompanied by black smoke.

The advantages and disadvantages of real mink extensions eyelashes:


1. The real mink hair has a texture, luster, and hardness that are very close to the real eyelashes of human beings, so it is very natural and true. That chemical fiber products cannot be achieved anyway.

2. Real mink hair, natural hair, so it is very comfortable to wear.


1. The price is high. Due to the high cost of raw materials and processing, the price of the real mink extension lashes is about three times that of the classic fiber extension lashes.

2. The thickness is uneven and cannot be adjusted. Real hair, unstable thickness.

3. Low softness. Compared to 0.07mm, 0.05mm, the real mink hair is hard.

4. Hard to take off the strip. As the real mink hair has a rough surface, it could not smoothly take off like the fiber lashes. 


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