Y Lashes

Y Lashes

Y Lashes, also known as 2D eyelashes. The Y Lashes are glued together through the roots of the two single eyelashes to give them a perfect look.
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Series: Y Lashes
Material: Korean premium quality silk fiber
Style: Y Lashes Natural Styles
Capacity: 50,000 trays per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:


What are Y Lashes?

The Y Lashes are glued together by the roots of the two single eyelashes to create an eyelash with a Y shape.

Y Lashes could make the volume lashes and make overall fullness looking, giving it a perfect appearance.

Y Lashes, one cluster at a time, looks like to use two single eyelashes. It is time-saving. And the eyelashes are lightweight, knot free, so comfortable.


New YY lashes:

In 2018, Radiance Beauty launched a new type of YY eyelashes based on the latest market demand. YY eyelashes are also called dreamcatcher eyelashes, tulip eyelashes, and Aegean eyelashes. It is the most popular extension eyelash in the last few months. 100% Hand-knitted, natural and soft. Y-shaped eyelashes, intertwined with each other, the mesh is more dense and natural.


Advantages of Radiance Beauty YY Eyelashes:

1. Easy to take off, easy to graft. Compared with camellia eyelashes and blooming eyelashes, YY eyelashes are easier to master without special techniques. The end of YY lashes is flat, which’s easy to graft and can last for a long time.

2. Natural blooming. Each cluster of YY eyelashes is made up of 4 round fibers. The tip of YY eyelashes is naturally flower-like, which is formed by clamping and is not easy to loosen.

Radiance Beauty is always at the forefront of fashion, bringing you the latest and most popular eyelash products. We hope to give back to every customer who likes our products with the best quality and best service. Don’t hesitate to contact our overseas sales department if you have any question about eyelashes.

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