W Lashes

W Lashes

W Lashes also called 3D eyelashes. The W eyelashes are made by bonding together the roots of the three single fibers and are suitable for use with the Russian Volume Extension Eyelashes.
Quick Details:
Series: W Lashes
Material: Korean premium quality silk fiber
Style: W Lashes Natural Styles
Capacity: 50,000 trays per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:

The Y eyelashes are glued together through the roots of the three eyelashes to create an eyelash with the shape of W.


There are many selections of this kind of individual lashes.

1. The position of the tape is different.

There are two options for the position of the W Lashes tape, one at the bottom of the eyelashes and the other at the middle of the eyelashes. The position of the tape is different, and the shaping effect is naturally different.


2. The length of the stem is different.

W Lashes is divided into long-stem W lashes and short-stem W lashes according to the length of the stem. Long-stem is 3mm and short-stem is 2mm. Different stems, different shapes. You could mix and match as needed.


3. The main market is different.

The short-stem W lashes were originally developed specifically for the Australian market. The long-stem W eyelashes are customized according to the needs of European and American customers. You could choose according to your needs.


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