20D Lashes

20D Lashes

20D lashes, also known as DIY Russian Volume Extension Effect 20D Extension cluster lashes. If you are looking for some natural lashes, please try radiance beauty 20D lashes. It will create a natural looking.
Quick Details:
Series: 20D Lashes
Material: Korean premium quality silk fiber
Style: 20D Lashes Natural Styles
Capacity: 200,000 trays per month
Samples: Available before bulk order

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Product Details

Products Details:



If you want to have naturally thick eyelashes, but there is no technician who could make it for you. Or if there are beauty salons for extension lashes, but the price for extension lashes exceeds your budget. Then you could try DIY Russian Volume Extension Effect 20D Extension cluster lashes.

The advantage of Radiance Beauty 20D lashes:

1. Compared with classic extensions eyelashes, the 20D cluster eyelashes are more time-saving. It takes only ten minutes to complete the eyelashes makeup.

2. Natural Black. The matte black color of the 20D lashes makes the eyelashes more natural.

How to use Radiance Beauty 20D eyelashes?

1. Gently remove the lashes from the tape strip with tweezers.

2. Dip the 20D cluster eyelash ends head into the adhesive and take a proper amount of glue.

3. Place the 20D cluster eyelash as close as possible to the natural eyelash line.

Just 3 steps, the DIY extension eyelashes of 20D lashes is complete.

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