Cluster Volume Lashes

  • Russian Volume Lashes

    Russian Volume Lashes

    In order to let each technician master the Russian Volume lashes in short time, the pre-made fans appear. The Russian Volume lashes have 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D…
    Quick Details:
    Series: Pre-made Fans Russian Volume lashes
    Material: Korean premium quality...
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  • 10D Lashes

    10D Lashes

    10D lashes, each eyelash consists of ten single eyelashes. You can graft your eyelashes without going to beauty salons.
    Quick Details:
    Series: 10D Volume lashes
    Material: Korean premium quality silk fiber
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  • 20D Lashes

    20D Lashes

    20D lashes, also known as DIY Russian Volume Extension Effect 20D Extension cluster lashes. If you are looking for some natural lashes, please try radiance beauty 20D lashes. It will create a natural looking.
    Quick Details:
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  • Y Lashes

    Y Lashes

    Y Lashes, also known as 2D eyelashes. The Y Lashes are glued together through the roots of the two single eyelashes to give them a perfect look.
    Quick Details:
    Series: Y Lashes
    Material: Korean premium quality silk fiber
    Style: Y Lashes...
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  • W Lashes

    W Lashes

    W Lashes also called 3D eyelashes. The W eyelashes are made by bonding together the roots of the three single fibers and are suitable for use with the Russian Volume Extension Eyelashes.
    Quick Details:
    Series: W Lashes
    Material: Korean premium...
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